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Loch JPG , Berg S van den , Greve PA , Janssen GE

35 p in Dutch   1990

Toon Nederlands

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Accumulation in soil and leaching to groundwater of residues of the gungicide fentin acetate was studied in laboratory soil columns. From two Dutch soil types the upper 1.10 m below soil surface was placed in stainless steel columns. The columns were treated with fentin acetate and leached during one year. An artificial water table was maintained at 1 metre depth. Separately batch sorption and transformation experiments were performed. Soils and soil leachates were analysed for tri-, di- and mono-phynyl-tin compounds. Very high sorption constants were found for fentin acetate or its first transformation product fentin hydroxide. The fungicide is, therefore, practically immobile in both soils. Above mentioned transformation products were found in both the transformation and the soil column experiments. Half-life values for the combined phenyl-tin residues were found to be 59 to 140 days depending on the soil type. A small fraction of the dose was found in the leachate. Thisd unexpected result could not be explained. At the end of the column experiment all phenyl-tin residues were found in the upper 10 cm of the columns.


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( 1990-04-30 )