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Berg R van den , Linden AMA van der , Leistra M , Boesten JJTI , Beek CGEM van , Puijker LM

27 p in Dutch   1992

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
Based on the assignment described in the Multi-year crop protection plan (1991) in this report the question is discussed whether a detailed procedure could be described for the study of the transformation of pesticides in the groundwater zone. First, in an analysis of the question the quantitative and qualitative prerequisites specified for this transformation have been clarified. Thereafter it is discussed whether sufficient knowledge and information was available to prepare this procedure. Therefore, a literature review of known studies is described. Based on this information it has been concluded that no detailed procedure for this study could be described. Also it has been considered whether the presently available information in the pesticide dossiers (on chemical hydrolysis and transformation in the top soil) could be used to evaluate the fate in the groundwater zone. Also this question was negatively answered. Based on these discussions conclusions have been drawn, which have not resulted in a detailed procedure for the study, but in guidelines for the execution of the study. Finally, it is suggested in what way the evaluation of methods and results of this type of studies might be organized in future.


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( 1992-07-31 )