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Jong EJ de ; Koster HW ; Vries WJ de

42 p in Dutch   1990

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In the framework of the PACOMA-project (Performance Assessment of Confinements for Medium and Alpha Waste), initiated by the European Commission, possible future radiation doses, due to contamination of the biosphere by radionuclides originating from radioactive waste disposed in salt-formations, were calculated. In all cases considered radionuclides coming out of the geosphere enter a river. For the biosphere calculations the BIOS-model, developed by the NRPB in England, is used. A short description of the model, as well as of the adjustments made at the RIVM to calculate the total individual and collective doses and the subdoses of different exposure pathways is given. The values of biosphere parameters selected for the model are presented, together with the literature consulted.


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( 1990-02-28 )