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Verlouw JGW

68 p in Dutch   1990

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The computer program FLSTAT3D (FLow STATionary in 3 Dimensions) calculates the quasi-three-dimensional discontinuous velocity field in a system of coupled semi-confined anisotropic heterogeneous aquifers, based upon two-dimensional isohypses for every aquifer, on a regional scale. The Dupuit-Forchheimer assumption is supposed to be valid. The model area is subdivided into distorted cubic shaped elements. Hydraulic conductivities (k) or a vertical flow resistance (c) and a value of porosity (n) must be given for every element. A hydraulic head (phi) must be given for every nodal point of one layer in an aquifer. These data and the mesh coordinates are organized in the data generator RDARR. The post-processing program METROPART calculates flow paths starting from a point somewhere in the flow field. Cartesian coordinates and travel times are the results of the calculations in both printable and graphics processable output. The program can be instatlled on every computer with a FORTRAN compiler.


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