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Jong APJM de , Berg S van den , Liem AKD , Berg R van den , Klooster HA van 't

14 p in Dutch   1990

Toon Nederlands

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This report describes the results of the analysis of dioxins in soil samples from five pasturs in the Lickebaert-area and of two pastures as reference locations in Bergambacht, The Netherlands. Samples consisted of a great number os subsamples of the layers 0-1, 1-2 and 2-10 cm below the surface. In addition, of two fields the layer of 10-25 cm below the surface has been examined. The main results and conclusions are: 1. Dioxin levels based on dry matter of the toplayer of 0-10 cm of five pastures in the Lickebaert-area varied between 18+-3 and 51+-9 with a mean of 27+-13 ng TEQ/kg of dry soil. Corrected for organic carbon content of the soil, the level in four pastures B, C, D and H were in good agreement. The mean level was 220+-20 ng TEQ/kg of organic carbon. At point K this level was significatnly lower (130+-30) and also for the reference locations (mean for R and S 44+-30 ng TEQ/kg organic carbon) 2. Dioxins appeared to be uniformly distributed over the upper layer of 0-2 cm contained various amount of dioxins on the basis dry soil. The mean level was approximately half of that of the upper layer. When corrected for the organic carbon content of the soil, levels in this layer were not significantly different. The layer of 10-25 cm contained dioxins at a level below 1 ng TEQ/kg dry soil. 3. the dioxin level in the surface layer of one field (H, 51 ng TEQ/g dry soil) was approximately twice that of the other four fields investigated. However, on the basis of organic carbon, this level was close to that of B, C and D. 4. There is as yet no clear relation found between the dioxin level in soil and the dioxin level in cow's milk from the same dairy farm. However, the lowest level in soil fits with the lowest level in milk for dairy farm K and the references R and S.


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( 1990-06-30 )