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Matthijsen AJCM , Jaarsveld JA van , Jong APJM de , Ros JPM , Schutter MAA , Vos JJ

19 p in Dutch   1990

Toon Nederlands

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The emission measurements at the municipal solid waste incinerator (MSW) AVI-the Hague show an average concentration of 8,3 ng TEQ/Nm3 (dry, 11% oxygen). The measured emission of chlorinated dioxins and furans from this installation has to be considered low for this type of installation in comparison with others in the Netherlands. The yearly emission of these compounds is estimated to be 15 g TEQ/year from this installation. According to dispersion model calculations this emission contributes slightly to the yearly mean deposition in the direct surroundings, viz. on average 2 (1-3) ng TEQ/(m2.year) on an area of 20x20 km2 and a maximum of 6 (5-8) ng TEQ/(m2.year) at 700 m North-East of the installation. The background deposition is estimated at a level of 10 ng TEQ/(m2.year). After closure of the MSW in Leiden this will be 5 ng TEQ/(m2/year). There are no cows grazing in the vicinity of the deposition maximum. Therefore there is no reason for determination of dioxin levels in grass and soil in this area.


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( 1990-09-30 )