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Monitoring van dioxinen in koemelk in risicogebieden. Deelrapport V
[ Monitoring of dioxines in cow's milk in riskareas ]
Kootstra PR, Liem AKD, Hoogerbrugge R, de Jong APJM

16 p in Dutch   1991

RIVM Rapport 730501037

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
In this paper, results are reported of a monitoring sutdy on levels of PCDDs and PCDFs in cow's milk from dairy farms in the vicinity of three municipal solid waste incinerators (MSWs) and one metal reclamation plant in the Netherlands. Levels are expressed in picograms 2,3,7,8- TCDD toxicity equivalents (TEQ) per gram of milk fat, calculated on the basis of international toxicity equivalence factors (TEF) of individual components. In June sampling near the MSW of Alkmaar recommenced after the improvement of the incinerator. Samples consisted of time-averaged sampling of cow's milk during periods of one month of in total thirteen dairy farms near Alkmaar, Duiven, in the Lickebaert-area and in Culemborg. Samples were collected in the period from May to June 1991.


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( 1991-10-31 )