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30 p in Dutch   1993

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The depletion of the ozone layer through actions of f.i. chlorine containing catalysts is expected to result in an increased UV-B irradiance. Since phytoplankton is known to be sensitive to this radiation, effects on global primary production cannot be excluded. The preliminary results in semi-continuous culture experiments indicated that algae differ widely in their response to UV-B radiation. Desmid - and diatom species were much more sensible than green algae. Furthermore the experiments emphasized the importance of an accurate dosimetry, so the next step was to build a continuous culture system with steering software to simulate natural photosynthetic light regimes and UV-B simultaneously, and study the effect on growth rate, and other physiological parameters. The culture system was designed to allow for exact quantification of the UV-B exposure. Finally a list of publications is presented that were necessary to build the system and its steering components, and gave background information on reactions of both photosynthetic light and UV-B radiation on phytoplankton.


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( 1993-02-28 )