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Health Risks of Water and Sanitation
[ Gezondheidsrisico's door water en hygiene ]
Versteegh A

77 p in English   2000

RIVM Rapport 733008006
Order at Distribution Centre of the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, PO box 2700, 3430 CG Nieuwegein, The Netherlands  

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English Abstract
This document gives information about diseases caused by exposure to unsafe (drinking) water and poor sanitation. Diseased caused by micro-organisms are classified in four categories which are based on the route transmission of the agent. If it wasn't clear in which category a disease should be classified, the classification of the WHO is chosen. Highlights of the most important water related disease all over the world are given. The information in this document was direved from the internet, mainly the WHO-site, and literature.


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