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Zanten B van ; Leentvaar P

108 p in Dutch   1993

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In the framework of the Rhine Action Programme, the International Rhine Commission agreed on conducting regular biological inventories of the River Rhine to be held at five-year intervals, starting in 1990. The result is an ecological monitoring programme for plankton, fish fauna and benthic macrofauna prepared by research institutes of the Rhine countries. A harmonization of methods seemed imperative and for this reason a group of experts on plankton proposed a checklist of plankton species. This documentation, which gives an overview of zooplankton species commonly found in the River Rhine, will support a proper identification of River Rhine zooplankton. This working document is meant to be used when counting zooplankton samples. It should be stressed, however, that it is not meant to replace the identification documentation. For a selected group of zooplankton species, one or more photographs are shown as well as some relevant information on ecology, feeding behaviour, etc. Where essential details required for proper identification could not be shown clearly on photographs, we refer per species to the relevant literature for more detailed information. At this stage only lowland species are included. Hence, some relevant species, e.g. those typical of the Upper Rhine might be missing. Furthermore, it has not been possible to describe the distribution of species along the River Rhine to date ; only for the lowland reach have some comments been given. Despite these limitations, this documentation could be a first step towards harmonization within the international biomonitoring programme of zooplankton in the River Rhine.


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