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Geautomatiseerde ionchromatografische methode voor de bepalingen van halogeniden en halogeenoxiden in drink- en oppervlaktewater
[ Automated ionchromatographic method for the determination of halogenides and oxyhalides in drinking water and surface water ]
Neele J, Cleven RFMJ, Versteegh JFM

42 p in Dutch   1994

RIVM Rapport 734301002

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An automated ionchromatographic gradient separation method with conductivity and UV detection has been developed for the simultaneous determination of trace amounts halogenides and oxyhalides in drinking water and surface water. Ion solute specific retention is affected by the presence of large concentrations of anions in a sample. Confirmation of the identification of bromate and the other anions of interest is possible by comparing the retention as well as the conductivity/UV-ratio response of the component peaks in the sample and in the standards. The lower limit of detection of bromate is 0,0097 mumol/l (1,2 mug/l). Data on column efficiency, peak asymmetry, selectivity and resolution are reported. Recoveries of bromate were affected by the chloride concentration in the sample. Sample preparation with silver cartridges to remove excess of halogenide has found to yield quantitative results with a mean recovery of 100%.


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