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SCHOON GEDRUKT. Technologisch onderzoekprogramma grafische industrie en verpakkingsdrukkerijen
[ [Clean Printing Technological Research Programme for the Printing Industry and Packaging Printers.] ]
Hoogenkamp AWHM, Lijzen JPA

p in Dutch   1993

RIVM Rapport 736101020

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
This technological programme for the Printing Industry is based on the results of the study "Survey of technological Measures for environmental Problems in the Printing Industry and Packaging Printers". The main goal of this research programme is to give direction to research-projects for the "Regulation on the Advancement of Environmental Technology", a regulation of the Ministry of Housing, Physical Planning and the Environment (VROM). For the Printing Industry nine mayor environmental problems are identified. Because of their high environmental potential, fifteen technological solutions have a high priority. These fifteen and other solutions with high environmental impact can be supported within the Regulation. Research projects done by ink-manufacturers, printers, manufacturers of machinery and paperindustry (paper-recycling)


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( 1993-01-31 )