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Kaltenbrunner HF , Seinen S , Visscher K

93 p in Dutch   1990

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
In this report, the results are presented of a survey of presently available methods for preventive soil protection. A difference is made between Technical means which can be applied in installations and for the sealing of the soil surface and Control measures which can be divided into technical control measures and management control measures. The findings of this survey are that the actually achieved level of soil protection depends on the combination of technical means and control measures. This signifies that technical means and control measures cannot be considered separately. An evaluation of the different methods for soil protection can therefore only be made in a framework which allows for the comparison of the combinations of technical means and control measures. Sources of emissions and their patterns are described as well as the adequate means and measures for soil protection. Risk-reducing design approaches and management methods are explained and some methods of risk-assessment are mentioned briefly. The report includes a recommendation to investigate the possibilities of defining a specified and quantitative level of soil protection by using risk-analysis. This approach should then be used for the evaluation of different combinations of technical means and control measures.


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( 1990-06-30 )