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32 p in Dutch   1991

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This report presents an evaluation of sorting analyses on domestic waste after separate collection at source. This research forms part of a three years during project (Combination Project Ede - CPE) in the municipality of Ede. This project contains an extensive method of separate collection of an organic fraction and a few "dry components" (paper, glass, textile, plastics) of domestic waste, in order to reduce the total amount of domestic waste and to find an answer to the issue of (domestic) waste treatment and disposal. The main purpose of the sorting analyses is to evaluate the method of separation by analyzing the composition, response and quality of the organic and remaining part of domestic waste, collected in three different districts: an urban district with one family houses (low rise buildings), a district with high-rise apartment buildings and a rural district. The sorting analyses were carried out from 1988-1990 by the Laboratory for Waste Materials and Emissions (LAE) of the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection (RIVM).


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( 1991-01-31 )