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Nagelhout D , Lohuizen ZI van

138 p in Dutch   1992

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This background document "Waste Disposal 1990-2010" is directly related to Chapter 7.5 of the National Environmental Outlook 2. It supplies the data and assumptions leading to the conclusions drawn in the latter document. The document deals first of all with the present quantity, composition and disposal method of the different waste categories. An inventory on the present situation in Chapter 2 leads to the conclusion that there is much more waste than was expected, as recorded in previous relevant reports. Chapter 3 contains prognoses on the quantity of waste for the years 1994, 2000 and 2010 as a result of all kinds of autonomous developments. In chapter 4 the effect of waste policy, as laid down in the National Environmental Policy Plans, is presented for the above-mentioned years. It would appear that the goals for waste prevention, recycling and landfill do not seem attainable with the present waste policy. Besides, the capacity of waste incineration plants will have to be somewhat greater than expected. Chapter 5 presents information on incineration (capacities, heating value, ashes) and landfill.


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