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Anthonissen IH

36 p in Dutch   1992

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Subsidized by the RIVM the firm Kansai Engineering (Japan) had Intron (the Netherlands) carry out an experimental investigation to prove the supposed activating immobilization properties of the agent geosta A/D. Kansai, Intron and RIVM agreed upon Kansai partially duplicating the experiments and upon RIVM interpreting and evaluating the results, drawing conclusions, and finally making the report. The effect of geosta A/D was studied by comparing some chemical and physical properties of products containing geosta A/D with reference products without geosta. The products were made of fly-ash and bottom-slag from a municipal waste incinerator, and cement. The studied chemical properties comprised the determination of the composition analysis and the performance of the Dutch standard tank leaching test according to NVN 5432. The compressive tengstile strength and porosity were among the studied physical properties. From the results, found by Intron, no significant difference in properties could be shown between the products with and without geosta. From this the conclusion must be drawn that under the chosen experimental conditions geosta has no effect on the immobilization of products. Ageing, however seemed to have a considerable positive effect on the leaching properties of the products.


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( 1992-10-31 )