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Anthonissen IH , Saraber A

43 p in Dutch   1992

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Subsidized by the RIVM the "Project Office Industry and Environment" (PBI) has carried out melting experiments on fly-ash and slag from a municipal waste incineration, using the typical PBI melting process. The object was to show the improvement of the environmental properties of the obtained silicate products. In order to establish the environmental quality the products were submitted to a tank leaching test, according to the Dutch pre-norm NVN 5432. Apart from that some physical parameters were determined. PBI and RIVM agreed upon PBI carrying out the experiments and upon RIVM in co-operation with PBI interpreting and avaluating the results, drawing conclusions, and finally making the report. The results revealed a huge environmental improvement by melting fly-ash and slag. It appeared that the silicate can be usefully applied without any difficulty.


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( 1992-05-31 )