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Meijer PJ , Rood GA , Bode P , Snijders AG

38 p in Dutch   1993

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The RIVM study to establish criteria for small quantities of hazardous household waste pointed out that in many cases little is known about the chemical composition of products often used in households. For this reason a number of products like audio- and videotapes, lipsticks, nail varnish, shoe polish, furniture polish, typewriter ribbon and photocopier drying toners were analysed. The investigation was carried out in cooperation with the IRI for inorganic analyses (instrumental neutron activation method) and TAUW for organic analyses (gas chromatography- mass spectrometry method). Especially audio-and videotapes contain sometimes high concentrations of metals like Cr IV, Ni, Zn, Co and Sb. Some tapes contain also high Cl concentrations due to probably PVC. Results showed that, compared to the criteria waste materials from the investigated products should not be indicated as hazardous household waste, except shoe polish, furniture polish and similar products (naphtalene content) and typewriter ribbon (oil content). Further investigation is necessary to confirm this.


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( 1992-12-31 )