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Siemons JAEM ; Duvoort GL ; Have FHM ten ; Nieuwenhuis JW

76 p in Dutch   1991

Toon Nederlands

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This report concerns a research on the composition of bulky domestic waste in the Netherlands, following a prior study in 1977. In ten selected municipalities the bulky domestic waste has been examined which was placed in the street or delivered at municipal depots. The composition determined in physical components, objects and in direct reusable materials. Finally this study pays much much attention to factors that have much influence on on the production of bulky domestic waste. The conclusion is that since 1977 the composition of bulky domestic waste has changed significantly: less paper/cardboard, metals, textile and more wood, plastics, stone and organic waste. This could be the effect of changed material-applications in products or the use of other ways for waste-collection. The object-classification shows that especially construction- and demolition waste, garden waste, furniture and carpets appear in bulky domestic waste. Direct reuse of materials (without specific (up)grading techniques is most difficult with textile (carpets, furniture), non-ferrous metals (electrical appliances) and plastics (carpets, electrical appliances).


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