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Poel P van der ; Ros JPM

22 p in Dutch   1991

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
This report presents the results of the investigations carried out for 8 substances needing special attention ; in contrast to previous investigations for most substances no extended surveys were carried out. For 2 substances (DBP and DEHP) it concerned a second survey amongst users of these substances. This report presents the results in such a way that no confidential data supplied by the firms can be recognized. It is advized to remove the substances 2-hydroxy-2- methylpropanenitrile, hexachloronaphthalene and Direct Red 39 from the list of substances needing special attention. The other substances can stay on the list and surveys for them can be conducted in respect to the strategy which will be followed after the proposed revision.


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( 1991-04-30 )