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Buck A de ; Poel P van der ; Quarles van Ufford CHA van

52 p in Dutch   1992

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This report gives an overview of the activities of the Laboratory for Waste Materials and Emissions (LAE) in the project KWS 2000 for the period august 1990 - june 1991. As much as possible the developments in the period between june and november are presented in this report too. The LAE takes part in the 5 working-groups of the task-group paint and in the taskgroup graphical industry and 4 releated working-groups. The LAE contribution to these groups is specific know-how in the field of environmental hygiene. In addition the LAE supervises 10 demonstration projects and research projects. In order to follow the progress in emission reductions the LAE has put forward a proposal for a monitoring system for the various source-categories of the task-groups "paint" and graphical industry". Essential points are a periodic registration of 1] total sales of VOC-containing products (including thinners and degreasing and cleaning agents), 2] degree of implementation of add-on technologies and 3] discharge of VOC-containing wastes. It is planned that the data mentioned above will be supplied by the bussiness organizations participating in KWS 2000 by means of yearly enquiries. At present four bussiness organizations have agreed to register the required data.


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( 1992-03-31 )