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Thomas R

28 p in Dutch   1992

RIVM Rapport 736301020

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
This report describes a number of aspects of the possession and use of passenger cars in the Netherlands, in particular with respect to emissions to the air, formation of solid waste, and fuel consumption. The processes in which emissions and solid waste are formed and where fuel is consumed are briefly outlined. The target group comprises Dutch and foreign passenger cars, as far as the possession and use in the Netherlands is concerned. The following items are reported: - Overall composition of the Dutch passenger car park - the mileage (km) covered in the Netherlands, subdivided into the categories: city traffic, motorways and other roads. - the fuel consumed in the Netherlands - the emission in the Netherlands of a number of compounds like Nox, CO, VOC, particles, PAH, CO2 and SO2 and the corresponding emission factors. Attention is given to the possible technical solutions for decreasing emissions and fuel consumption, and to the possibilities to apply cleaner conversion of primary into mechanical energy. Finally the legal standards required now and in the near future for the emission of NOx, CO, VOC and particles are presented.


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( 1992-07-31 )