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Meijer PJ , Wieringa K , Vos JJ

52 p in Dutch   1990

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
Within the context of the project "Incineration of chemical waste" scenario-analyses are carried out for the quantity of chemical waste to be incinerated in the short term (1992) and in the longer term (2000). From this analyses it appears that the minimum quantity of waste to be incinerated in the year 1992 is calculated at about 160.000 tons. For the year 2000 this is 200.000 tons. The maximum quantities are calculated at 210.000 tons (1992) and at 290.000 tons (2000). These results should be used with reference to the used assumptions. To calculate a more reliable forecast of the chemical waste to be incinerated in the future a suitable registration and interpretation of chemical waste should take place.


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( 1990-04-30 )