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86 p in Dutch   1990

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In order to decrease the cadmium-load of man and environment, the Dutch government will pass a cadmium decree. According to this decree it is not allowed to import, to place at one's disposal or to store cadmium containing products except specified exceptions. With the proclaim of this decree there will be need for inspection and tracing of infringements of this decree. In this report methods for sampling, sample preparation and cadmium analysis of products coming under this decree will be given. Cadmium containing products are defined as: 1. Products in which cadmium has been applied as a pigment, stabilizer or surface coating ; 2. Products in which cadmium containing synthetics (plastics) or paints have been used ; 3. Gypsum and products made of gypsum ; 4. Specified products. The cadmium analysis should be carried out by neutron activation analysis preferably.


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( 1990-06-30 )