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Stoop P , Lembrechts JFMN

33 p in Dutch   1993

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Sediments in the harbours of Rotterdam contain relatively large amounts of naturally occurring radionuclides resulting from emissions of the ore-processing industries (Be88, Be92). Using harbour sludge as a landfill for polders has locally caused the Ra-226 contents of the soil to be a factor of 4 higher than the expected Ra-226 background. In polders where Ra-226 was measured, the Ra-226 surplus was found to be proportional to the cadmium contents (MO92). Data on cadmium contents are available for many polders and therefore, cadmium may be useful as a tracer for enhanced levels of Ra-226. Enhanced levels of Ra-226 may cause higher radon concentrations in dwellings that are built on these soils. Therefore, an extensive research programme is started to study the relation between the Ra-226 contents of the soil and radon concentrations in dwellings. The Laboratory of Radiation Research of RIVM has proposed to set up a sub-programme, focusing on the sites where harbouw sludges have been dumped, with the following goals: 1) to investigate if there are dwellings with enhanced radon concentrations as a result of a Ra-226 surplus and 2) to investigate if the relation between the Ra-226-surplus and the cadmium contents found is generally valid and useful. In this report we describe how this sub-programme may be set up and give specific advice on the answers to various choices. We propose a.o. to use soil samples from 30 polders to investigate the relation between the Ra-226 surplus and the cadmium contents and to study in eight polders the possible consequences of enhanced Ra-226 levels for the radon concentrations in dwellings. Because the radon measurements take one year (four measurements averaged over three months) we propose that simple diagnostic measurements are made simultaneously with the radon measurements. These additional measurements include measurements of the groundwater table and of the effective ventilation pattern in the dwelling.


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( 1993-11-30 )