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Laak PJA van der

83 p in Dutch   1989

Toon Nederlands

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Rapport in het kort
In this report a perspective is outlined for the development of area- oriented environmental assessments (AEAs) for integrated regional policy. These documents should hold scientific information for the development and foundation of an integrated policy for town and country planning, water management and environment. The present planning structure for environmental policy and the policy for town and country planning and watermanagement is described. The position and function of AEAs within the present framework of national, regional and local planning is explained. The advisable contents of AEAs is surveyed. Possible items for the contents of AEAs are: the physical environment and the relation with other regions, regional (economic) activities and developments, impacts on the environment, use of space, groundwater and surface watersystems and sustainability on a regional level. The interrelations between these items are emphasized. Furthermore the user prospects of AEAs for regional and local authorities is clarified.


RIVM - Bilthoven - Nederland - www.rivm.nl

( 1989-12-31 )