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40 p in Dutch   1990

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In april 19888 a course on aquatic ecotoxicology was held at the Industrial Toxicological Research Centre in Lucknow as part of an Indo-Dutch collaboration program. Immediately afterwards an evaluation was held among the participants of the course. One year later this second evaluation has been held. Aim was to get an overview of the applicability of the course in the work of the participants, and to generate suggestions for improvement of its contents and organization. Several people from different institutes and universities, who were involved with the course, have been requested about the different subjects, the presentations and about organizational aspects. Main conclusions are: - In general the course was thought very interesting, but a more practical course was expected and preferred. - The sections aquatic toxicology and monitoring were thought to be most useful. - Only a few, those working in the field of ecotoxicology, have been able to apply parts of the course. - The opinions of the participants about different subjects and their possibilities to apply the gained knowledge vary greatly and are mainly dependent of their workingfield and -place. Those employed at Pollution Control Boards are in general less interested in detailed information and more in quick practical methods for monitoring of waterbodies. - The course contributed to contacts with people from other institutes. - More examples of aquatic exotoxicological research in India should be included.


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( 1990-01-31 )