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Aalbers TG , Wilde PGM de , Rood GA , Beek AIM van de , Broekman MB , Meij G van der , Masereeuw P , Kamphuis C , Dekker PM , Valentijn EA

235 p in Dutch   1992

Toon Nederlands

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Bij the industry some sticking points are set in the current draft General Administrative Order on Building materials dd/26/9/91 (oBB). These are: insufficient balance between re-use and soil protection it appears that the standard values from the draft are unofficially in charge. As a result the application of a number of building materials are decreasing which are allowed at this moment the standard values of leaching are based on a short experience with the leaching test in the laboratory. The advices concerning the standard values for composition didn't come to an unanimous opinion. The directorate asked the National Institute for Public health and Environmental Protection (RIVM): to give a list of building materials which could be applied according to the draft standard values of the oBB. To give an evaluation and explanation of the calculations for the standard values. To give the consequences of the evaluated standard values for the re- use of building materials. To give an evaluation of the standard values for composition.


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( 1992-06-30 )