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Wijngaarden R van den , Ybema JR , Gijsen A , Oude Lohuis JA , Thomas R , Daniels B , Dril AWN van , Volkers CH

32 p in Dutch   2002

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The results are presented of the project 'reference projection for energy and greenhouse gases' carried out by RIVM and ECN for the Ministries of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, and of Economic Affairs. The reference projection considers emission of greenhouse gases in the Netherlands in 2010. Emission sources and trends up to 2000 were analysed, and expected developments with respect to economic growth and energy supply for the period 2001-2010 updated. This led to new estimates for the greenhouse gas emissions in 2010. Differences with previous scenario studies were analysed, and the effects of both announced and implemented policy measures assessed. Emissions of CO2 were analysed separately from other greenhouse gases. The total expected greenhouse gas emissions for the Netherlands in 2010 are concluded to be 225 Mton CO2 equivalent, which represents a near stabilisation for 2000 as the net result of a 12 Mton increase in CO2 emissions and a 9 Mton decrease in other greenhouse gases. The expected development of domestic emissions appears favourable with respect to the current policy goal: an emission target stated in the Kyoto agreement of -6 % in relation to the 1990/1995 level and the realisation of half the emission reductions through domestic (inland) measures. The uncertainty in total annual CO2 -equivalent emissions in 2010 is estimated at 14 Mton (95% confidence interval) due to identified uncertain future societal developments and possible future improvements in greenhouse gas emission inventories. This report will be used to evaluate the current progress with respect to the national climate change policy in the Netherlands, described in "The Netherlands' Climate Policy Implementation Plan, Part I: inland measures"(June 1999).


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Rapport in het kort
Het project 'Referentieraming energie en broeikasgassen' is door RIVM en ECN uitgevoerd in opdracht van de ministeries van Economische Zaken en Volkshuisvesting, Ruimtelijke Ordening en Milieubeheer. De Referentieraming schat de emissie van broeikasgassen in Nederland in 2010. Emissie bronnen en trends tot 2000 zijn geanalyseerd, en toekomstige ontwikkelingen van de economie en energievoorziening zijn opnieuw ingeschat. De nieuwe raming van de emissie van de broeikasgassen is vergeleken met eerdere ramingen die zijn gebruikt voor het nationale klimaatbeleid. Tevens zijn de emissiereductie effecten van het voor 1 juli vastgestelde klimaatbeleid ingeschat. Bij de analyse is onderscheid gemaakt tussen de CO2 en niet - CO2 broeikasgassen. Het rapport dient ter ondersteuning van de tussentijdse evaluatie in 2002 van het klimaatbeleid zoals aangekondigd in de Uitvoeringsnota Klimaatbeleid (1999).


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