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Braat RH ; Vereijken JFHM

48 p in Dutch   1993

Toon Nederlands

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What kind of agriculture should be developed in the future if we want to fullfill the requirements which are set for the agricultural landscape by the dutch national government. To answer this question the organic agriculture can be used as a spearhead or an example for the conventional agriculture. When we know in which degree the organic agriculture already fullfills these requirements, we also know in which way the conventional agriculture has to change in the future. The requirements which are invested in this study are the so called 'common nature and landscape values' formulated by the Nature and Landscape Department of the Ministery of Agriculture, Nature and Fisheries. Aim of this study is to compare the actual situation of the organic agriculture with the desired situation by the government. Therefore an overview of the literature has been made, which shows that organic agriculture has a positive impact on the desired "common nature values", compared with the conventional agriculture. But it makes also clear that there is much to little information to make a clear statement. Therefore a general inventory of the "common nature and landscape values" on organic farms is recommended.


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( 1993-08-31 )