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[ [STYLE GUIDE AND GUIDELINES for developers of applications in Ingres Windows4GL.] ]
van der Maas CWM, Slootweg J, Knol OM, Laan WPM, Baart R, Bruinsma PH

50 p in Dutch   1993

RIVM Rapport 776001002

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The LAE-department (Laboratory for Waste Materials and Emissions) is developing an Environmental Information and Planning Model (RIM+). This is a collection of applications based on an Ingres database. For the development of the applications Windows4GL is used in combination with embedded SQL for C and ARC/INFO for the geographical data. Windows4GL is the graphical development environment of Ingres. With this style guide we try to harmonise the user interface of the different applications. Furthermore it helps us to interchange the knowledge from the different RIM+ development groups inside and outside the RIVM. This is done in three ways: - By guidelines and rules about the user interface. - By using a standard way of programming in order to make the maintenance of an application more easy. Developers can use each other code. - By presenting a number of in house developed tools for programming, like a help-system, a standardised picklist-procedure, a mechanism to set defaults for each user and a link to the CASE-tool SDW from CAP Volmac. Appendix 2 gives in a few pages a summary for programmers.


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