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Knol OM ; Schaap AJ

50 p in Dutch   1994

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This report presents an analysis of the need and possibilities for calculating agricultural emissions at RIVM. It describes the tasks of the staff members and external institutions concerned with the production of the Environmental Balance Report. All activities that are required for calculating agricultural emissions are described in the form of Data flow diagrams and the remaining problems are discussed. A global description of data required follows. A series of alternatives for implementation of calculating agricultural emissions are evaluated, which results in the proposal of one solution. In this solution the data are fully integrated in RIM+- the central database of the laboratory of waste materials and Emissions. Maintenance screens for these data will have to be developed. Conversion programs will produce input files for the existing CLEAN calculating model and models in use by the Agricultural Economic Research Institute LEI-DLO. The output of these models is imported into the RIM+ database and can then be analyzed with the reports, graphs and GIS-tools already available. The consequences of this solution for system development is pursued further, resulting in a global description of functions, data and the financial and personnel requirements for implementation. A detailed design of the system will be presented in a sequel report.


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( 1994-06-30 )