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Schijndel MW van ; Soczo ER

99 p in Dutch   1993

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This report summarizes the information obtained on developments in R&D programmes on environmental biotechnology in various countries, i.e. the USA, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan. Although the Netherlands was one of the first countries with an R&D programme on environmental biotechnology, in the meantime other countries have also developed programmes in this area. Both similarities and differences on priority research areas exist between the various programmes. Especially on the development of treatment techniques many similarities can be distinguished, which provide a basis for discussing more mutual attunement between the different programmes. The main difference is that in the Netherlands emphasis is on the development of treatment techniques, whereas in most other countries also the development of biological recycling and prevention techniques is stimulated. In some cases even long-term programmes have been initiated in which research for sustainable development is encouraged. These new developments might provide ideas for supplementary research areas in the Dutch programme.


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( 1993-03-31 )