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Onderzoek naar de samenstelling van gescheiden ingezameld glas uit de glasbak
[ [Determination of the composition of glass derived from communal glass containers.] ]
Otte PF

12 p in Dutch   1993

RIVM Rapport 776201002

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English Abstract
This report presents the results of sorting analyses of used glass derived from communal glass containers. Analyses took place in February 1993 in the framework of activities defined in an agreement between the Dutch Government and the packing industry, the so called 'Convenant Verpakkingen'. Glass samples from 11 sites were analysed for the origine of used packings (pots or bottles), color and the presence of impurities (non-glass). Sorting analyses proved that the average amount of glass originated from bottles is 72.9% and from pots 23.9% of the total sample. Colorness glass is found 47% of the total sample. The presence of impurities, defined as non-glass, is quantified 1.3% of the total sample.


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( 1993-07-31 )