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Assessment of health impacts and policy options in relation to transport noise
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Staatsen BAM, Nijland HA, van Kempem EMM, de Hollander AEM, Franssen AEM, van Kamp I

76 p in English   2004

RIVM rapport 815120002
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This paper has been drafted within the framework of a joint international project (Austria, France, Malta, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands). The aim of this project is to describe the state of the art on transport related health impacts, highlight (if possible) costs and benefits, identify methodological aspects and develop directions for policy measures and strategies, with a special focus on children. A synthesis report of the overall results is available at www.herry.at/the-pep. This topic paper on transport noise is one of the products of this joint project. It provides an overview of the state of the art regarding traffic noise-related health impacts and guidance for the assessment of noise exposures, its health impacts and costs. In Europe, transport (road, rail and air traffic) is the most important source of community noise. Noise exposure at community levels can produce various health effects including annoyance and sleep disturbance. A small effect on blood pressure is also deemed plausible. The limited number of epidemiological studies in children indicates that noise exposure affects children's learning (cognition), motivation and annoyance. The benefits of implementing source-measures for noise abatement may well exceed the costs of these measures, as some cost-benefit analyses clearly indicate. A large variety of policies and measures are available which can reduce the noise-related health impacts. A number or priority options have been identified in joint discussions with researchers and policymakers. Methodological and research recommendations to improve health impact assessments and cost-benefit analyses, as well as some examples, are presented.


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