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Respiratory Allergy and Inflammation Due to Ambient Particles (RAIAP) Collection of Particulate Matter samples from 5 European sites with High Volume Cascade Impactors
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Cassee FR, Fokkens PHB, Leseman DLAC, Bloemen HJTh, Boere AJF

63 p in English   2003

RIVM rapport 863001001
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English Abstract
The aim of this deliverable was to perform an European-wide collection of particulate samples. With the aid of two high-volume Cascade impactor (HVCI), coarse (2.5-10 mu m ) and fine (0.1-2.5 mu m) particulate samples were collected in Amsterdam, Lodz, Oslo, Rome and the Dutch sea-side (De Zilk) during 3 periods of 4 to 6 weeks during Spring, Summer and Winter of 2001-2002. Significant contrast in chemical composition was observed. Metal concentrations were high in Rome, with the exception of zinc, which was high in Lodz. The location in Amsterdam is characterised by relatively high magnesium (Mg) and vanadium (V) levels. As expected, sea-spray aerosol was significantly present in samples taken in Amsterdam and De Zilk. Relatively high levels of PAHs were measured in Lodz, in particular during the Winter season. A more diverse pattern is found for the traffic markers (hopanes and steranes). Although generally higher amounts are found in the fine fraction, relatively high amounts of steranes were observed for both Winter and Summer samples of the location in Oslo, as well as the Winter sample from Rome and the Summer sample from Lodz. This pattern is not reflected in the hopane levels, which seem to be more dominant is both the Spring and Winter from Lodz, Oslo and Rome. These data will provide valuable information for in vitro and in vivo toxicity studies performed within this project.


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