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Practical use of SPRINT and a moving grid interface for a class of 1D non-linear transport problems
[ Praktisch gebruik van SPRINT en een bewegend-grid interface voor een klasse van 1D niet-lineaire transportproblemen ]
van Eijkeren JCH, Zegeling PA, Hassanizadeh SM

39 p in English   1991

RIVM Rapport 959101001

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English Abstract
Environmental problems tend to become of still greater complexity. The mathematical formulation of these problems often results in a set of differential equations, which urges the need for robust differential equation solvers. Moreover, these solvers should be implemented within a user-friendly and flexible computational framework. The software package SPRINT offers such a versatile framework. For 1D problems, characterised by steep gradients in space and time, a moving grid interface (MGI) has been developed. This interface minimizes the required total number of computational nodes, thus reducing computer storage and execution time. MGI parameters values are specified for advection-dispersion like problems. SPRINT together with the MGI is applied in analyzing the applicability of several dispersion models. As a result a model is constructed capable of simulating a wide variety of situations. It enables to explain low, medium and high concentration experiments of salt transport coupled with fluid flow. Extension of the software package for 2D problems is considered.


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( 1991-02-28 )