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Janssen PHM , Heuberger PSC , Sanders R

312 p in Dutch   1992

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Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis are generally recognized as important and indispensable parts of the modelling process. The easy availability of tools for performing these analyses contributes substantially to a reliable and efficient development, assessment and application of mathematical models. For this reason a comprehensive and flexible software package UNCSAM has been developed at the RIVM for performing sensitivity and uncertainty analysis on a large variety of models. UNCSAM combines a Monte Carlo based approach (sampling and simulation) with regression- and correlation analysis, to obtain a clear picture of the sensitivities and uncertainties and their main contributors. The package is developed in ANSI standard Fortran 77, embedded in an ANSI-C shell for dynamic memory allocation, and can be installed on a variety of devices. The manual describes the scope, installation and use of UNSCAM, release version 1.1.


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( 1992-12-31 )