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Bosman A , Sprenger MJW , Leentvaar-Kuijpers A , Hoogenboom-Verdegaal AMM , Bilkert-Mooijman MAJ , Hoopen AJ ten

58 p in Dutch   1991

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English Abstract
A proposal for a feasibility study for infectious disease surveillance by means of an electronic communication network is presented in this report. Data will be derived from different participants in a region and will be send to a Municpical Health Authority (GGD). At a national centre, all data will be collected and aggregated information will be distributed by electronic bulletins to the participants. In this feasibility study, the network shall be developed for the surveillance of three infectious disorders (influenza, hepatitis and gastro-enteritis) in two regions. The first phase, in which development and construction of the network takes place, will take 9 months. The actual surveillance will be running for 12 months (second phase). Flexibility is an important feature of the network. New participants and new disorders should be added to the surveillance without notable difficulties.


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( 1991-08-31 )