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The computer model DIVOCOS (DIspersion of VOlatile COntaminantS) calculates the concentrations of volatile compounds in air released during soil remediation. These calculations are primarily performed to determine whether air concentration measurements have to be carried out during the remediation in order to control the air quality and minimize possible health risks to residents.


General Conditions of Use for the DIVOCOS calculation model The RIVM will make available its calculation model DIVOCOS (DIspersion of VOlatile COntaminantS) to any legal or natural person, hereafter referred to as ‘the user’, to be used prior to soil decontamination as a tool for assessing the potential exposure of bystanders (people living or working in the vicinity) to volatile substances.Concentrations, calculated using the model, subsequently can be used to compare against limit values from a toxicological assessment framework that is part of the protocol. On the basis of the results, the user may then decide whether or not to conduct a measurement campaign and take additional measures. In case a measurement campaign is conducted, the user, during the soil decontamination process, may carry out a risk assessment on the basis of measured concentration levels and the toxicological assessment framework.The RIVM has constructed the DIVOCOS calculation model with the utmost care. The correct application, however, does require the user to have a certain level of knowledge and experience. The user is responsible for the correct use of the calculation model and the application of its results. No rights can be derived from the use of this calculation model or its results.The use of the model and the application of its results are fully the responsibility of the user. The RIVM accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect damage that may be related to an error or omission by the calculation model, or resulting from the use of the model and its results, other than in cases of gross negligence or deliberate intention by the RIVM.Using the calculation model or its results in unlawful or punishable acts is not permitted.