RIVM's Strategic Programme

RIVM strives for innovation in various ways. For example, it carries out projects as part of our Strategic Programme (SPR). We use the SPR to do more than simply respond to direct questions from our clients; we also use it to prepare RIVM to respond to future issues in health and sustainability.

RIVM's Strategic Programme (SPR)

New problems in the field of public health and the environment require answers. Technological innovations generate new opportunities for providing these answers. We innovate and we collect new knowledge, all of which enables us to use the SPR topics to study the things that we believe will be of great social importance both now and in the future. We want to use this to make a contribution to improvements to public health and the living environment in The Netherlands not just now but also in the future.

Every four years RIVM identifies topics (spearheads) with a view to ensuring that it retains its focus on trends in society and science. RIVM employees can submit project proposals relating to these topics.

Results of RIVM's Strategic Programme for 2011–2014

The outcome of an in-depth assessment of the 2011-2014 round of RIVM's Strategic Research (SOR) was that this was both successful and innovative. A total of 107 projects resulted in promotions, databases and hundreds of publications: results with a high scientific and social impact.

Citizen participation and innovation

The report ‘Evaluation of RIVM's Strategic Research for 2011-2014’ describes which objectives were achieved. These include new knowledge about healthy ageing, the use of new technology for the living environment and public health, and the development of new models for assessing health risks and risks to the living environment. Examples of innovation include the tick app and iSPEX. The tick app explains how to recognise a tick, how to remove it and how to report any tick found. iSPEX is a new technology for measuring particulate matter using an iPhone. In both projects interaction with citizens (citizen science) was an important aspect.

The results by topic:

  • Using technological development for the benefit of health and the environment
  • Bridging the gap: from knowledge to action
  • Healthy ageing
  • A healthy, sustainable living environment
  • The dynamics of infectious diseases
  • New dimensions in integrated risk assessment for public health and the environment
  • Strategic vaccine research: knowledge development for effective vaccines now and in the future

SPR 2015-2018

RIVM's Strategic Programme (SPR) for 2015-2018 contains new spearheads and new projects relating to research, innovation and knowledge development. 

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