Main tutors and training coordinator

Curricula Vitae of tutors and training coordinator ESFA training courses on BenchMark Dose modelling and computational toxicicology by RIVM.

Wout Slob

Wout Slob has been a part-time (0.2) professor at IRAS, an interfacultary research institute within the faculties Veterinary Medicine and Medice, Utrecht University, between 2000 and 2010. In that position he was responsible for organizing a two-week course on risk assessment and risk management, which was given once a year for MSc students from IRAS as well as from other life sciences faculties . In that course, he played a key role, by being the lecturer on various days of the course, by leading the discussions on the other days, and by tutoring and evaluating the students. He also regularly presented lectures to BSc and MSc students in other courses at IRAS. Further, he gave many courses in statistics and the BMD approach, including:
-    a one-week course in the TRISK program (2011)
-    a two-day course for IGHRC, UK (2008)
-    a two-day course for EMA / CVMP (2006)
-    a one-day course for ECHA (2011)
-    a one-day course for HSE, UK (2012)
-    a two-day course for HES, UK (2014)
-    various one-day courses for RIVM
Wout also participated in organizing and presenting a two-day course (workshop) on the BMD approach for ECHA (2010).

Bas Bokkers

Bas Bokkers (PhD) is a European Certified Toxicologist and modeller at the Centre for Safety of Substances and Products at the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). He started working on benchmark dose analysis in 2002, as a major component of his PhD research on probabilistic risk assessment of chemicals. His current work is primarily associated with benchmark dose analysis, physiologically based (pharmaco)kinetic modelling and probabilistic (human) exposure assessment, hazard characterisation,  risk assessment and health impact assessment of chemicals. He applies benchmark dose analysis to derive a point of departure for risk assessment, but it is also utilised for other goals, for example to derive data based extrapolation factors or relative potency factors. Together with prof. dr Wout Slob, Bas regularly tutors benchmark dose courses.

Emiel Rorije

Emiel Rorije graduated in (theoretical) chemistry (1992), and has been working on (toxicological) QSAR evaluation and development since then; in academia (University of Utrecht), government (RIVM) as well as industry (BASF). The current focus is on evaluation, application and development of human toxicological structure-activity models and retrospective data analysis (skin irritation/corrosion, sensitization, reproductive and developmental toxicity). Responsible for RIVM contribution to the EU 6th FW project “OSIRIS” (2008-2011) on Integrated Testing Strategies / Weight of Evidence for human health endpoints. He played an instrumental role in the retrospective evaluation of the multi-generation reproductive toxicity testing protocol and the introduction of the Extended One Generation Reproductive Toxicity study (EOGRTs, OECD 443) for the OECD.
In recent years several courses and workshops on QSARs have been given by Dr. Rorije, among others a two day course on QSARs/RA/Categories in risk assessment for ECHA (2010), a summer course on Chemoinformatics (2012) and several demonstration courses on the OECD QSAR Application Toolbox.

Jacob van Klaveren

Jacob van Klaveren is senior scientific advisor for model development at RIVM. He has coordinated the EU funded project ACROPOLIS and he is coordinating the new Horizon2020 project EuroMix. He has over 10 years’ experience in organising training courses on exposure modelling and BMD modelling for various user groups such as EU-regulators, EFSA, national food safety authorities and other stakeholders. He has organised training courses as part of the EU funded project SAFE FOODS, HEATOX, Total Diet Studies and ACROPOLIS. He is a tutor in several training events such as specialised training for EFSA CT/EFSA/AFSCO/2012/01, the BfR Summer School, ANSES/WHO Summer School on Total Diet Studies and the TDS Summer School.

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