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RIVM and Chinese monitoring center for oceans exploring collaboration

Publication date: 20 June 2016
Modificationdate: 20 October 2016
Knowledge development in China is valuable for addressing environmental issues in Europe, and vice versa. Therefore, RIVM and the Chinese National Marine Environmental Monitoring Center (NMEMC) are exploring possibilities for knowledge exchange and collaboration. During a visit of a delegation of NMEMC, the parties have explored possibilities for collaboration. RIVM looks forward to developing a working relationship. 
Representatives NMEMC and RIVM

The NMEMC has technical support duties in marine environment monitoring and protection. Also, it is occupied with sea use surveillance and management. The institute has extensive knowledge and experience in monitoring and assessing marine debris.

Microplastics and standard setting

RIVM and NMEMC share common ground in various areas of expertise. Possible fields of collaboration include microplastics, environmental standard setting and endocrine disrupters. RIVM supports policymakers in dealing with microplastics by studying sources of microplastics and facilitating policymaking, also at European level.

Representatives of NMEMC and RIVM

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