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Bread-Phosphorus, calcium and magnesium content

Brood-Gehalte aan fosfor, calcium and magnesium


Phosphorus, calcium and magnesium have been determined in 108 bread samples which reflect the bread consumption in the Netherlands. Most samples were taken from retail outlets in the province of Utrecht in March/April 1989. replicate analyses were done and reference materials were analysed for quality assurance. Results confirm the precision and accuracy was good. On average bread contains 1.72 mg/g of phosphorus, 0.37 mg/g of calcium and 0.45 mg/g of magnesium. The contents of phosphorus and magnesium is linked to the type of bread; for calcium this is clearly not the case. Brown bread is definitely higher in phosphorus and magnesium content than white bread is. Consumption of bread contributes on average 16-23% to the total daily dietary intake of phosphorus by Dutch citizens of 22 years and over. The corresponding figures for calcium and magnesium are 5-7% and 20-28% respectively. Bread covers, on average, roughly one third (phosphorus), less than one tenth (calcium) and one fifth (magnesium) of the recommended daily allowance for these elements of the group of Dutch adults considered.

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