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Transportation of compounds as a consequence of soil pollution

Verspreiding van stoffen bij bodemverontreiniging


Part of the judgement of the risk for human and environment as a consequence of exposition to soil pollution is the chance of transportation of compounds which are present in the contaminated location. Compounds of a polluted location can be transported to groundwater or air. Remained compounds can be decomposed or can be transported with the soil itself. The judgement procedure for distribution of polluted compounds in the environment is based on transportation by flow of groundwater. In the proposed judgement procedure four instruments for prediction or estimation are presented ; - prediction instrument for the mobility (retardation factor) of pollutants in soil and groundwater ; - prediction instrument for the velocity and direction of groundwaterflow ; - estimation instrument for concentrations of pollutants in groundwater after transportation ; - estimation instrument for potential volume of the polluted soil or groundwater after complete transportation

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