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Meat and some types of sausages - Iron and selenium content

Vlees en enkele worstsoorten - Gehalte aan ijzer en selenium


Iron and selenium levels were determined of 61 meat samples, 17 samples of minced meat, 13 dressed meat products and 18 sausages. Sampling was spread geographically over the Netherlands as wide as practical. Quality assurance was done by duplicate determinations and analysis of standard reference materials. On average, samples (N=109) contain 15 mg/kg of iron, range 2-74 mg/kg and 121 mug/kg of selenium, range 18-266 mug/kg. These levels are very similar to those found in previous investigations of these type of products in the Netherlands. However, for chicken meat iron levels published are 3-5 times those found in this study. Selenium levels of pig and cattle meat can vary significantly between countries according to literature. In the German Federal Repuglic these levels are higher whereas those in Sweden are lower than in this country.

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