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Dioxins at the sinter plant of Hoogovens

Dioxines bij de sinterfabriek van Hoogovens


Emission measurements at the sinter plant of Hoogovens at IJmuiden show an average dioxin concentration in the stack gas of circa 2,8 ng TEQ/Nm3 (dry). The yearly emission of dioxins from this installation is estimated at 24 g TEQ. According to dispersion model calculations this emission results in a yearly mean deposition of circa 1,2 ng TEQ/(m2*year) over an area of 20x20 km2 with a maximum of 6,2 ng TEQ/(m2*year) at circa 700 m North-East of the installation. There are no cows grazing in the vicinity of the deposition maximum. Dioxin levels in cow's milk from dairy farms 6-10 km North-East of Hoogovens ranged from 0.8 to 1.4 pg TEQ/g milk fat (n=4). The dioxin level in soil from a pasture 6 km North-East from Hoogovens was 2,6 ng TEQ/kg dry soil. The deposition of dioxins, the dioxin levels in cow's milk and in soil in the vicinity of Hoogovens are not enhanced with respect to the average background levels in the Netherlands.

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