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Pesticides in drinkingwater ; evaluation of analysis-methods

Bestrijdingsmiddelen in drinkwater ; evaluatie van analysemethoden


A group of 11 multimethods was investigated on their ability to determine in total 112 pesticides, and some metabolites, in drinking water on the concentrations level of the EC guideline for drinking water of 0.1 mu/l. A total of 80 compounds could be determined at this guideline level. In the near future this number can be increased to 140-170 compounds, incorporated in the eleven methods that were investigated. As a test 15 samples of finished drinking water from different pumping stations situated in the province of Zuid-Holland, collected in the first half of april 1989, were screened on the presence of pesticides with 8 out of 11 of the multimethods. In two samples a cholinesterase inhibition of 0.2 and 0.4 mug/l was found, respectively. The compounds that were responsible for this inhibiting effect could not be identified with one of the other applied methods of analysis.

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