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Literature review on: Soil Organic Matter Characterisation

Literatuurstudie betreffende karakterisering van organische stof in de bodem


This paper has been written to give the reader a review of extraction, purification, fractionation and characterization techniques available for soil organic matter characterization. The review is divided into chapters on each of the techniques mentioned. As far as extraction techniques are concerned there are two categories: bulk extractions and sequential extraction methods. A humin extraction method was also found. Purification methods are numerous and it seems that purification is always necessary to make functional groups accessible to the reagents used in subsequent characterization steps. Fractionation techniques are all more or less based on the chromatography principle and can be divided into the following categories: fractionation based on differences in molecular size, chemical properties, and mobility in electrical fields. In the field of characterization techniques two divisions can be made: spectroscopial methods (E4/E6 ratio, PYGCMS, IR, NMR etc.) and chemical methods (functional group titration). In the end a chapter on applications in the field of interactions of pesticides with soil organic matter has been written. From the literature it appeared that there is not a generally accepted standard characterization method.

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