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Silent zones in the Netherlands, first national inventory

Stiltegebieden, een eerste landelijke inventarisatie


The policy on quiet zones in the new Environmental Protection Act of the Netherlands is incorporated into the articles on environmental protection regions ; regions where the quality of (some parts of) the environment needs special protection. Up to now there is no national overview of the quiet zones in the Netherlands and policy regarding these zones. This report describes (1) the preparation of a first national dataset on quiet zones in the Netherlands, (2) the progress regarding action 158 of the national environmental policy plan; 'Consultation with other municipalities will be carried out so that: the area of quiet zones in the vicinity of agglomerations will extend over at least 200,000 hectares in the year 2000 compared to 135,000 hectares in 1988'. Furthermore, the relation between quiet zones and other policy relevant areas like ; soil protection regions, groundwater protection regions, the national ecological network and physical planning regions is assessed.

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